Official Music Video is up for Go Cry.
Go Cry is an original track of mine. I hope you like it! We spent allot of time filming in different fun locations for it. It truly is from my heart and I hope that you enjoy it.

Watch the full video below and let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the youtube video.

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Ashley Kitty Holoday


Okay I may have teased you a little bit there. I like to use the word tease. I am a strange character. But I have a preview of the GO CRY music video for you :)

Honestly do you ever feel like there is 1 project in your life that has taken allot longer to do for many reasons? One of my reasons is because I am working on too much at once! But I am zoning in and finishing those special and important things.For those that don’t know I have been working on a music video project for a few months now…. and it’s for the track “Go Cry”.

When I set out to film Go Cry (the official music video for my song I wrote with two lovely gents from The Midway State) I had allot of ideas of how to approach it. We shot probably 4-5 days worth of recording. And it took us a long time to shoot because we had many scenes, in door and outdoor. I also had to get up at 4 am for a bunch of days to go out and shoot in a popular landmark area to have no one around! I truly put soul and heart into this, I pulled my hair out a bit, but in the end I love seeing the finished product. Don’t you just love when you finish something you created? Feels good doesn’t it?

Watch the PREVIEW for “Go Cry, the official music video by yours truly below. I will be posting the video online very soon… may be a surprise post, so make sure you sign up in the little itty bitty form below the video on this page.

Go Cry Indie Music Video Preview

S I G N - U P - T O - S E E - T H E - F U L L - L E N G T H - M U S I C - V I D E O - B E L O W

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Ashley Kitty Holoday


My music video is ready, for the next week or so I will be posting little teasers before I place it on the oh so famous YouTube stage.

Here are some Gif teasers (unedited) ;)

Give the two gifs a few seconds to load! Sign up below in the purple box to receive the official music video in your inbox!

Go Cry Music Video Preview GIF!

Go Cry Music Video Preview GIF

May you chase every single dream that is burning inside of you :)

Ashley Kitty


Published on March 11, 2014, by in Inspiration, Mantra.

This motivation Monday mantra is a tab bit late. I apologize!

Sing even if the music is gone“. Sometimes we feel held down against our own wills. Putting your whole heart into an area of your life and having disappointment can be devastating. But true success, however you measure it is getting back up and going for it again. Success is all numbers. If you want better results, do it again and again, do it in bigger volumes. You will become use to it! It works. So even if you are disappointed. Sing even if the music is gone. Because shortly your passion will bring it back!

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xx oo

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